How to write an article in Rukhsar Zaban magazine

The scientific journal “Rukhsar Zaban” focuses on the specialized topics and approaches of the Persian language and various fields of the language such as: (phonetics, lexicography, syntax and taxonomy, semantics, applied studies and discourse analysis, philosophy of language, dialectology and topics related to culture and languages. archeology, lexicography, semiotics, cognitive sciences and speech therapy, psychology and neurology and sociology of language) and research in universals and worlds of language and interdisciplinary research, comparative literature and comparison and analysis of Iranian dialects which can help to know and enrich the Persian language; therefore, it is appropriate for the respected authors of the articles to pay attention to the following:

1- The author’s name and surname should be written in full in Farsi and English.

2- The level of education, academic rank, educational group, name of the faculty, university and city of the author’s university should be specified in Persian and English.

3- The author responsible for the correspondence of the article should be introduced.

4- The email address of the author should be written.

5- Full postal address and mobile phone number should be provided.

6- The article sent to the journal should not have been previously published or simultaneously being reviewed in another journal.

7- The article should include the title, Persian and English abstract, key words, introduction, main text, conclusion and list of sources.

8- The article should be typed on a maximum of 20 A4 pages with B Nazanin font 13 and the English text with Times New Roman font 11.

9- The text of the article should not exceed 8000 words. (Articles with more than this number of words will be returned to the authors) and the abstract of the article should be at least 150 and at most 200 words in Farsi and English.

10- At least 3 and at most 5 key words should be typed in Farsi and English.

11-Footnotes should be typed with B Nazanin font 10 and English texts Times New Roman font 9.

12- The distance between the lines should be 1 cm.

13- In-text reference as:

(last name, publication year and page number) should be inserted in parentheses. such as: (Secretary of Moghadam, 1389: 37) and in the case of multiple sources from one author in one year, by adding (a), (b) and… next to the year of publication, they should be identified. like the: (Secretary of Moghadam, 1392 A: 13) (Secretary-in-Chief, 1392b: 45)

14- Sources (including books, articles, dissertations, reports, newspapers, websites, etc.) should be arranged alphabetically in one place, and all items should be separated with commas.

For the book:

Surname of the author of the book, name of the author of the book. year of publication The name of the book (in italics), the name of the place of publication and the name of the publisher.

For the article:

Surname of the author of the article, name of the author of the article. year of publication Title of the article (with quotation marks). Name of the journal (in italics), serial number of the journal (period or journal number): Number of the first and last page of the article.

For the collection of articles:

Surname of the author of the article, name of the author of the article. year of publication Title of the article (in quotation marks). The name of the collection of articles (in italics), the name of the compiler. Name of the publisher. Number of the first and last page of the article.

For thesis/dissertation:

Surname of the thesis author, name of the thesis author. Title of thesis/dissertation (in italics), course and field of study and name of university and city.

For website:

Last name of the author. Author Name. The date of receiving from the website, the title of the article (with quotation marks), the name of the website. Website address.

15- The article should be in Farsi language and all the numbers in the tables as well as the axis numbers of the graphs should be written in Farsi.

16- Articles taken from theses and dissertations of students are published with the name of the supervisor, advisors and students and with the approval of the supervisor and his responsibility.

17- The responsibility for the scientific and legal validity of the contents of the article and the responsibility for the opinions and opinions presented is the responsibility of the author responsible for the correspondence, and the publication of the article does not mean the approval of all its contents.

18-Rejected or withdrawn articles will be removed from the magazine’s archive after six months, and the magazine will not be held responsible for it.

19- Semi-space and punctuation rules should be followed in the writing of the text. For example, it is not necessary to put a space before the period (.), comma (,) and question mark (?), but after them, a space is required.

20- Dear authors, when submitting, they must upload three files:

1- The authors’ specifications file (contains only the authors’ specifications)

2- Original file of the article (contains the text of the article without authors’ details)

3- Complete the letter of commitment file (containing the letter of commitment from the authors to the editor, which is uploaded in word form at the end of this page), sign and send its pdf file along with the article.

The article should be saved in word 2007 or word 2010 and sent through the journal system (article submission section) or directly to the publication’s email (

21- If your article has a financial sponsor or provider of research credit or is derived from a research project, it is mandatory to mention its information in a paragraph under the title of thanks and appreciation. The place of this paragraph is at the end of the article before the list of sources.


It should be noted that after receiving the message that the article has been received and can be refereed, it is necessary to deposit 150,000 Tomans for the refereeing account to the account number 0225411570005 or card number 6037997574750676 of Melli Bank in the name of Mr. Morteza Parvizi for the refereeing fee and also for printing (after receiving a message stating that the article has been accepted and can be printed) the amount of 450,000 Tomans plus 200,000 Tomans for Editing and layout should be paid to the above account.

Rokhsar Zaban magazine receives 100,000 Tomans for articles that do not have English abstracts.

Obviously, the review, printing and publication of the article is subject to the payment of the above fee.

Also, those interested can communicate with the magazine office every day at 9-13: 16-23, call 01333426214-09111311577; In addition, it is possible to answer your questions through the e-mail of the magazine

Download the commitment letter form to the editor

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